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Silica gel treatment agent


       Silica gel treatment agent is a special treatment agent for sticking double-sided adhesive to high temperature silicone rubber products. It is specially used for the surface treatment of silicone rubber materials, which can effectively improve the surface polarity of silicone rubber materials and greatly improve the bonding performance. At the same time, the spray painting and screen printing on silicone rubber also have good effect.

Performance standards

1. Appearance: colorless and transparent, low viscosity organic solution.

2. Stability: keep at room temperature for one year. Neutral, non corrosive to the package iron barrel.


Executive standard: SGS


1. Wipe away the dirt (such as oil, mold release agent, etc.) on the surface to be adhered of silicone rubber substrate with toluene.

2. Print, brush or spray the glue on the treated base material, and try to brush evenly.

3. Place the coated film on the shelf and let it dry at room temperature: quick drying type (5-15 minutes);

Slow drying type (30-60 minutes); pay attention not to dust pollution in the drying process.

4. After drying, the double-sided adhesive can be pasted, and then pressed by the laminating machine.

Scope of use

Silicone rubber treatment agent is widely used in silicone rubber foot pad, silicone rubber ornaments and other double-sided silicone adhesive, trademarks, labels, etc. are pasted on silicone rubber.

matters needing attention

1. Seal the cap after use.

2. Inflammable, keep away from fire source and heat source, and store in a cool and dry place.

3. Brush the excess glue liquid and clean it with a rag dipped with diluent.

4. Shake well before use, the effect is better. If strong effect is needed, 3-5% curing agent can be added.

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