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Company profile

Shenzhen yuanyijia Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech polymer material Co., Ltd., which mainly focuses on the R & D, production and sales of adhesives. Founded in 2005, the company initially focused on R & D and cooperated with many well-known key universities at home and abroad. In 2015, the company established its own production base and registered its own brand "yuanyijia".

Shenzhen yuanyijia Technology Co., Ltd. has a branch Jiangxi yuanyijia new materials Co., Ltd., which was established in 2020. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, promotion, production, trade and sales of new materials. Covering an area of 20000 square meters, the company mainly produces sponge spray glue, panel glue, AB glue, two-component instant dry glue, non spray suction plastic film woodworking glue series. The company is subordinate to Jiangxi production base of Shenzhen yuanyijia Technology Co., Ltd., which mainly undertakes the capacity extension of Shenzhen yuanyijia Technology Co., Ltd., and faces the national market. Relying on its geographical advantages, logistics is more convenient, better service and radiation of the national market.

Jiangxi yuanyijia New Material Co., Ltd. complements Shenzhen company. Through continuous innovation, we continue to research and develop a full range of products of covering woodworking and adhesives in various industries. The company will provide diversified products based on new material technology.

Jiangxi yuanyijia New Material Co., Ltd. and industry colleagues work together to promote the high quality development of adhesive industry.

The company has its own strong R & D team and scientific research personnel to provide excellent process solutions for the household adhesive industry products, reduce the cost of household enterprises, and innovate the adhesive in the field of blister woodworking household. Yuanyijia brand is committed to the pursuit of the concept, mission and responsibility of China adhesive industry.

Development history of the company


The company has put into operation water based vacuum plastic, rubber glue, instant dry glue, 770 processing agent and VAE emulsion. At the same time, "Yuan Yijia" brand is registered and used.


The company's annual output of water-based vacuum plastic has reached 1000 tons. The quality test and application requirements of water-based vacuum plastic for cabinets and paint free doors have reached the standard level. It has passed the SGS test and won the praise of woodworking and home furnishing enterprises. In 2016, the company realized fine management brand strategy, and each barrel of products were coded to achieve traceability. The company has passed ISO9001 total quality management certification, and is an enterprise of 9s management.

Launch brand strategy in an all round way

Established Yiyuan Yijia Shenzhen operation headquarters and regional brand operation branches to better serve regional distribution customers.


The company has invested special funds in the research and development of high-energy vacuum suction plastic series products, spray free plastic film series and other innovative products. In the same year, the market output of water-based vacuum plastics exceeded 2000 tons / year. In December, yuanyijia was selected as "China's preferred brand" by China's preferred brand promotion project, and was awarded the title of "environmental adhesive" industry preferred brand.


ABS fast drying water-borne vacuum absorbing plastic, temperature resistant 70 degree water vacuum suction plastic has been put into operation, and continuous funds have been developed for PVC coated adhesive, PVC flat adhesive, waterborne PU, waterborne polyurethane PUD emulsion, waterborne wood coatings, waterborne wood coatings PUD, waterborne metallic paint, waterborne metallic paint PUD.

In the same year, we developed the industry's difficult 80 degree temperature resistant vacuum plastic, and 85 degree temperature resistant water-based vacuum plastic, which has been repeatedly tested and certified by industry standards. Its heat resistance replaces the defects of two-component absorbent plastic and curing agent. Continuously expand the production capacity of water-based vacuum absorbing plastics. The super atomization spray resistant water-based vacuum absorbing plastics and the same color water-based vacuum absorbing plastics are put into production one after another.

In 2018, yuanyijia brand will be promoted through strategic cooperation with CCTV. Yuanyijia brand won CCTV7 sets of discovery brand, China preferred brand, China brand ranking network, China Top 10 vacuum plastic brands, ranking first among 43 brands. On January 13, 2019, attended the China new economic influence forum "Shenzhen yuanyijia Technology Co., Ltd. won the 2018 China influence (annual) brand enterprise", CCTV group reported on the spot.

In 2019, the spray free plastic film passed the industry inspection standard and was put into production, which overturned the traditional process operation mode and brought subversive technological innovation to the blister woodworking and home furnishing enterprises. The product features stable function, environmental protection, simple and efficient process, high performance and other water-based blister plastics. The monthly production capacity continued to expand, and doubled again in 2018, with an average daily production capacity of 32 tons and a monthly production capacity of 960 tons, The monthly output of water-based vacuum plastic adhesive reaches 350 tons.

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