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Water based PU adhesive


        Waterborne PU adhesive is a kind of anionic waterborne polyurethane dispersion. It is a kind of heat activated adhesive, which can be used in shoemaking, furniture, automobile, construction industry and other fields.


The water-based PU adhesive has a wide range of uses. Firstly, it is mainly used in the shoemaking industry:

(1) With proper surface treatment agent, waterborne PU adhesive can be applied to most of shoes;

(2) For porous fabrics or materials easily eroded by solvents, aquatic products have obvious advantages;

(3) However, the materials with heavy grease and high tension are not suitable for the use of Waterborne PU glue.

(4) All kinds of shoe materials such as PU, PVC, EVA, TPR, rubber, mesh, leather and so on.


Aqueous polyurethane; water (solvent free)

Kn-54 is a high-end water-soluble PU adhesive with high composition, high adhesive performance, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, non flammable and explosive.

Technical index edit

1. Appearance: milky white liquid

2. Solid content: 50 ± 1%

3. Viscosity: 6000 ± 1000 / CPS (25C, vt-40 × 11)


Main advantages

Environmental protection - water soluble, no organic solvent, non flammable and explosive, effectively reduce environmental pollution, effectively reduce occupational hazards.

High efficiency - super high solid content, strong adhesion, wide application, easy to operate.

Energy saving - Super saving, ultra-low waste, saving consumption and labor, saving a lot of environmental facilities investment, etc.

Environmental advantages

       Environmental protection advantage refers to the advantage of using water-based PU glue on the operating environment and the physical impact of operating staff;

Reduce the emission of toxic gas, reduce the pollution of production workshop, thus improving the operating environment.

       Water based PU glue does not belong to 8 categories of dangerous chemicals. No matter it is used or stored, it will not bring threat to the environment and operators, which greatly guarantees the production safety of the enterprise.

       The water-based PU glue is tested as non-toxic by the National Center for disease control, so it will not produce harmful emissions such as contact, inhalation, use, etc. the operator can use it at ease.

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