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Problems and solutions of hot melt adhesive used in furniture edge banding

      Hot melt adhesive is the best choice for furniture edge banding, which is not to say that every user who uses hot melt adhesive to edge banding is very handy, and some problems often occur are not well solved. The problem of hot-melt adhesive on the edge of furniture is not well solved, which will affect the user's confidence in the use of hot-melt adhesive.

     The influence of edge banding machine on the edge banding effect of hot melt adhesive.


           After the hot-melt adhesive is applied to the base material by the edge banding machine, there are some problems such as uneven, lack of adhesive, and the edge banding strip is easy to spring apart, which are all caused by the reasons of the edge banding machine itself or the operation without good debugging. Before the hot-melt adhesive is applied, the operation of the edge banding machine should be adjusted properly to avoid the influence of the equipment on the edge banding effect of the hot-melt adhesive.

Hot melt drawing

           It is a common problem to draw wire in the process of edge sealing with hot melt adhesive. The hot melt adhesive of drawing will affect the quality of edge sealing and the quality of the whole set of furniture. The wiredrawing phenomenon of hot melt adhesive is not necessarily a problem of its quality, maybe also related to its use temperature. In general, it is a good solution to raise the temperature of hot melt adhesive. If the                        problem of drawing cannot be solved by increasing the use temperature of hot-melt adhesive, it is the performance problem of hot-melt adhesive, which can be solved by contacting the supplier of hot-melt adhesive.

Hot melt adhesive edge bonding line is obvious

           After hot-melt adhesive edge sealing, obvious glue line appears, and the reason can be considered from several aspects. First, the performance of hot-melt adhesive does not match the edge bonding equipment. It is often seen that some manufacturers with insufficient edge bonding experience find that the hot-melt adhesive has not finished edge bonding when it is dry, which is a typical mistake in selecting the type of hot-melt adhesive. Second, the edge banding itself is not smooth, and the glue line will inevitably appear. Third, the pressure of the pressing wheel of the edge banding machine is not uniform, which results in the good sealing of some positions of the plate edge and the appearance of glue line at some positions.

Open the edge strip

        The problem of the edge banding strip popping is caused by the failure of the edge banding machine part to be well debugged, as well as the performance problem of the hot melt adhesive! There are different materials and thicknesses of edge banding strips. When choosing hot melt adhesive for edge banding and bonding, the type of hot melt adhesive shall be selected accordingly. Improper application of hot melt adhesive will not only affect the edge sealing effect of furniture, but also damage the base material. Using the hot melt adhesive with strong performance to seal the edge of the edge, it will have a strong adhesive force with the edge of the plate, it is difficult to break it off by hand. With the hot melt adhesive, we can show the excellent edge sealing effect.

      In many people's eyes, there may be many problems in the application of hot-melt adhesive in furniture edge sealing, but the root of the problem is not necessarily the performance of hot-melt adhesive. In many cases, the main reason is the inexperience of using hot melt adhesive for edge sealing. As long as the problems encountered in the process of edge sealing can be put forward to the supplier of hot melt adhesive in time, the solution can be quickly obtained.

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