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"Rising price tide" is coming again! The raw materials pile up, the price soars, and the chemical products soar!

Raw materials:

The price of acrylic acid was 9466.67 yuan / ton, up 1.79% compared with that of Japan

The market of acrylic acid rose on February 19. According to the block list data of business news agency, as of February 19, the average quotation price of acrylic acid in East China was 9466.67 yuan / ton, up 1.79% compared with the previous trading day and 0.35% compared with January 19. In terms of raw materials, propylene prices rose, cost support rose, and in terms of supply, the overall starting load of mainstream plants was not high, the spot supply was tight, market participants returned to the market one after another, the overall support was strengthened, and the focus of market negotiation was higher.

Propylene price of 7300 yuan / ton, the price rose steadily

On February 18, the market price of propylene in Shandong increased significantly. According to the price chart of the business club, the price of propylene declined all the way at the end of January, rose slightly at the end of the month, and then began to stabilize. On the 8th, the price of enterprises generally dropped by 50 yuan / ton, and then entered the Spring Festival holiday. Most of them remained stable in the first half of the year, while the price rose steadily in the second half of the year (from February 15). Today is the first day of official work, the price rose by about 200 yuan / ton, and the current market transaction is 7300 ~ 7550 yuan/ The mainstream price rose to about 7300 yuan / ton.

The average price of ethylene was US $1003.25/ton, up 25.13% year on year

In the near future, the overall external ethylene market is on the rise. Asia's ethylene market prices rose slightly. As of the 18th, CFR Northeast Asia closed at US $852-860 / T and CFR Southeast Asia closed at US $827-835 / T. The price of ethylene market in Europe increased greatly. By the 18th, FD in northwest Europe closed at US $1164-1177 / T, CIF in northwest Europe closed at US $1150-1161 / T. The price of ethylene in the United States soared. By the 18th, the price was 914-926 US dollars / ton. Recently, the ethylene market in Europe, America and Asia showed a rising trend. Generally speaking, during the Spring Festival holiday, the whole ethylene market kept rising, the market trading atmosphere was warm and the transaction was positive.

The quotation of n-butanol is 11916.67 yuan / ton, and the foreign supply continues to be tight

On the 18th, the price of n-butanol was 11916.67 yuan / ton, up 2166.67 yuan / ton or 22.22% compared with the price at the beginning of the month. The price of n-butanol in East China of Wanhua chemical was as high as 12100 yuan / ton. The continuous rise of international crude oil price has played a role of cost support for n-butanol. In February, the operating rate of n-butanol fell by 4%, the output continued to be low, the spot continued to be tight, and domestic factories received limited new orders. Before the Spring Festival, the import source of n-butanol from abroad was reduced due to the shutdown and maintenance of the early plant. Due to the impact of cold wave in the United States, the production of n-butanol and its upstream and downstream units has been reduced, and the foreign supply has continued to be tight. The main downstream butyl acrylate demand was strong, and the demand for raw material n-butanol was relatively stable. In March, the downstream gradually entered the peak demand season, which will further support the demand for n-butanol.

The price of polymerized MDI is 20000 yuan / ton, and the price of large factories is increased by 2270 yuan / ton

On the 18th, the price of aggregate MDI was 20000 yuan / ton, up 933.34 yuan / ton or 5.45% compared with the price at the beginning of the month. Dongcao special chemical (USA) Co., Ltd. issued a notice to increase the price of MDI of millionate brand in North America, saying that Dongcao special chemical (USA) Co., Ltd. will increase the price of MDI of millionate brand by US $0.35/kg (about RMB 2270 / T) from March 1, 2021 or according to the contract terms. There are a lot of foreign device failures and maintenance news. Europe and the United States are in the period of economic recovery after the epidemic. Urban to suburban areas support the demand of polyurethane application in the construction, automobile, household appliances, furniture and bedding industries, and support the demand of isocyanate. Domestic raw material exports will have a good trend, and the domestic market price rate of polymeric MDI will rise steadily.

The price of epoxy resin is 26000 yuan / ton, and the order is almost full

On the 18th, the price of epoxy resin was 26000 yuan / ton, up 1000 yuan / ton or 4% from that at the beginning of the month. Some manufacturers have closed the plate. Although the price list of some manufacturers has not changed for the time being, the actual order received has increased by more than 1000 yuan / ton compared with the base price on the price list. The price of Zhuhai Hongchang liquid epoxy resin is only one step away from 30000 yuan / ton. During the Spring Festival, epoxy resin was in strong operation. A production enterprise in Jiangsu, Guodu chemical and Hongchang electronics stopped production for a short time. Shexian County in Huangshan stopped production on January 28 and has not yet fully resumed work. Most of them plan to restart before and after February 21. Before the festival, orders for liquid epoxy resin were basically full in February. In the later stage, the demand of downstream wind power, electronics, coatings and other industries was optimistic, and the future of liquid epoxy resin was promising Good, good support for epichlorohydrin.

The average quoted price of propylene oxide is 17300 yuan / ton

On February 19, the market price of propylene oxide rose. According to the data of the business club, as of February 19, the average quotation price of propylene oxide enterprises was 17300 yuan / ton. After the festival, the market price of propylene oxide continued to rise. In terms of raw materials, the price of propylene rose, and the cost support rose. In terms of supply, the factories generally had low inventory, new orders were smooth, the price of downstream polyether rose, the overall market atmosphere was good, and the negotiation of propylene oxide market was heavy At present, the mainstream quotation of propylene oxide Market in Shandong is around 17000-17100 yuan / ton.

Bisphenol a quoted price of 19300 yuan / ton, the supply is tight, pushing up and reluctant to sell

On the 18th, the market of bisphenol A was hot. The market offer was 19000-19300 yuan / ton, and the quotation of individual enterprises was even as high as 19833.33 yuan / ton, up 800 yuan / ton from the beginning of this month, and 6500 yuan / ton, up 50.78% from the low value of this year. It is about to break through 20000 yuan / ton. Bisphenol a plant of South Asia plastics has suspended its offer and its inventory is low. Its products are mainly supplied to downstream Kunshan epoxy resin and long-term contract users, with little export volume. Before the festival, the market of bisphenol a rose in a wide range, the supply was tight, the traders pushed up and were reluctant to sell. Starting after the Spring Festival, bisphenol a "lived up to expectations" and continued to hit a new high.

Finished products:

Changchun Chemical (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that the price of n-butanol, the key raw material upstream of modified PBT base resin, has been rising since the fourth quarter of 2020, and the recent increase in various application demands has caused the global imbalance of supply and demand and shortage of goods to rise sharply again. From now on, the price of all longlite PBT products will rise by 3000 yuan / T.

On the 19th, Shanghai Baolijia Chemical Co., Ltd. issued a letter, saying that affected by the supply and demand of upstream raw materials, monomer prices rose significantly. After research, it was decided to adjust the product prices, with an increase of 850-1050 yuan / T for general styrene acrylic, 800-1000 yuan / T for genuine stone paint, 800-1000 yuan / T for pure C and 1200-1500 yuan / T for waterproof / elastic. Emulsion products up to 1500 yuan / ton

On the 19th, Jiangsu badfu Technology Development Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that the price of upstream monomer is rising rapidly, and the material cost is greatly challenged, After research, it is decided to adjust the price of some product lines as follows: the price of general-purpose benzene and acrylic products will be increased by 900-1100 yuan / ton, the price of genuine stone paint products will be increased by 850-1050 yuan / ton, the price of waterproof / elastic products will be increased by 1100-1500 yuan / ton, and the price of high-end pure C products will be increased by 800-1000 yuan / ton.

On the 19th, Hengshui Xinguang Material Technology Co., Ltd. issued a letter, saying that due to the recent surge in raw materials, the cost of products has increased significantly, and some product prices have been adjusted to varying degrees

1. Construction and coating products will be increased by 900-1100 yuan per ton.

2. Waterproof products will be increased by 800-1000 yuan per ton.

3. Industrial paint products will be increased by 800-1000 yuan per ton.

4. Rubber products will be increased by 1000-1500 yuan per ton.

At the same time, it is decided that from 17:00 p.m. on the same day, it will no longer receive the advance payment according to the price list on January 10, 2021. If it continues to handle the advance payment, it will be implemented according to the latest price list.

On the 19 day, Rizhao general building materials Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that 19 days ago, the product price was adjusted as follows: the internal and external wall emulsion increased by 900-1100 yuan / ton, the pure class emulsion increased by 600-800 yuan / ton, and the waterproof emulsion increased 1200-1500 yuan / ton.

19, Jiangsu purple stone Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. sent a letter, saying that as the main raw material prices of acrylic emulsion continued to rise, the price of acrylic series emulsion will be adjusted as follows: the general styrene and acrylic class is raised by 800-1000 yuan / ton, the real stone paint is raised by 750-950 yuan / ton, the waterproof and elastic class is up 1050-1450 yuan / ton, and the grade silicon and pure class are up 750-950 yuan / ton.

The downstream procurement is basically stagnant during the Spring Festival holiday. It is expected that the market operation rate will increase after the Spring Festival holiday, the demand will be relatively concentrated, and the price is still likely to go up. In addition, due to the recent maintenance of some domestic devices, the on-site spot supply is slightly tight. Industry insiders said that thanks to the recovery of domestic economy and the improvement of export market, the prosperity of the chemical industry is in a good period in history. The continuous shortage of raw materials means that the price rise of chemical products will not stop in a short period of time, and the price rise may be more fierce after the year.

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