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Seize the pulse of the times, open up the industry market!

      This world is a competitive era in which fast fish eat slow fish, and group fish eat big fish. What many business owners worry about is that although they are living a stable life, they also have considerable profit sources, and there are some markets. They always have inexplicable worries in their hearts. However, the sudden epidemic situation makes the healthy development and living conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises a topic of discussion. For small enterprises, the way to attack the city is only when the soldiers of the strong press the territory, and they are completely crushed. The market itself is competition, and war is inevitable.


     Yuanyijia has built a "wolf" sales team. No matter how harsh the market environment is, yuanyijia people keep up with the pace of the times, explore and innovate, and advance without fear of difficulties and dangers, so as to boost the company's growth against the trend.


     At present, most of China's adhesive enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and some are even small-sized enterprises of workshop type. Most of the products are low-end products, and they can obtain relatively low profit returns by mass production and small profits and high sales. With the rise of raw material price and labor cost, the profit space of these enterprises has been greatly reduced. Therefore, such enterprises will become the object of acquisition and merger, and the adhesive production in China will develop in the direction of large-scale and intensive. Yuanyijia seized this opportunity and formally reorganized and integrated some micro and small enterprises, such as Foshan Honghong Chemical Co., Ltd. From the perspective of the application pattern of the adhesive industry, yuanyijia has occupied a large share of the domestic high-end adhesive market. From this perspective, we can see that there are more favorable factors for the future adhesive industry to provide, so as to improve the sales scale of the industry.

     Yuanyijia has a certain degree of independent intellectual property rights and technology content. Through continuous technology research and development, it is narrowing the gap with international giants. Seize the opportunity, increase the transformation, focus on innovation, and constantly improve the quality of operation, so that yuanyijia can truly achieve leapfrog development!




         A new era innovator of blister home furnishing enterprises,

         A practitioner who keeps writing industry legends,

        There is no end in the path of transcendence and self transcendence,

        Not only now, but also in the future!


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